Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP uses the healing factors from your own body to heal injuries to various connective tissues. This means we can heal injuries and inflammation in Joints, tendons, ligaments and a variety of other body parts.

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PRP treatment in pictures

PRP is made from your own blood. It uses activated platelets from the blood to heal injuries that cause inflammation and pain. PRP can halt the progression of arthritis and 79% of 10,000+ Surecell patients reported being very happy with the pain reduction they got from PRP.

how does it work?

The treatment usually takes 2 hours from start to finish.

First we take a small amount of blood from which we extract the PRP. Then we treat the PRP with light and inject it directly into your injury where it supports the healing process.

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prp treatment and research summary

In the last 4 years PRP has grown from relative obscurity to acceptance by mainstream medicine with over 7000 published articles and an annual growth rate of 200%. In this article/video we look at the clinical research data published on the efficacy of PRP.

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Before treatment advice

Many patients prefer to undergo treatment right after their first consultation to accommodate for their busy schedules, long journeys and to relieve their pain as soon as possible.

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After treatment advice

I’ve finished my PRP treatment, what now? In this video we will outline what activities are encouraged and what should be avoided to get the most benefit out of your PRP therapy, including diet, exercise and medication advice.

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