Before treatment advice

Many patients prefer to undergo treatment right after their first consultation to accommodate for their busy schedules, long journeys and to relieve their pain as soon as possible.

To save time and money, always bring any Blood tests, Xrays, MRI, ultrasound reports and especially rheumatoid arthritis and gout tests you have had before. If you don’t have them anymore you can always call your hospital or doctor to send them to you or your PRP clinic directly.

Let us know during the visit what medications you take and bring them with you including the packet. We prefer patients to not take anti-inflammatory medications for a few days before a visit, but this is not essential.

It is very important that you stop smoking days before your treatment. If you have found it hard to stop, your doctor will be happy to help or you can consult smoking cessation aides on your own such as “Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking”

The negative effects of smoking can be reduced by having a hyperbaric session before your blood is taken, and there are strong signs that hyperbaric treatment enhances everyone’s PRP results. So ask your PRP clinic about this and try to allow time for a hyperbaric session before treatment.

It’s very important that you drink lots of water which makes it easier for nurses to take your blood and makes it less likely that you might faint.

Most PRP treatment is almost painless, with exceptions in small joints of the feet and hands and especially the thumbs. The doctor will do the best he can with local anaesthetic but it is a good idea to take painkillers before treatment.

Please do not drink any alcohol, very fatty foods or caffeine on the day of treatment and do not drink alcohol excessively for a few days before. There is no age limit for PRP and even severe osteoarthritis may benefit.