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Preparation Before Check-up

1. Please do not consume any food and drink (except drinking
water) for 10-12 hours.
2. For lipid check-up, do not consume alcoholic beverages for at
least 72 hours.
3. Please make an appointment before check-up.

Preparation Before the Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen
Please drink a lot of water and refrain urination.

1. Persons aged 30 years and over should check their blood lipid profile
2. Men aged 50 years and ove rshould have a PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen)
screening test annually.
3. Men and women aged 50 years over should have colorectal cancer
Doctor Consultation
Our team of physician and health care practitioners will take into account a patient’s detailed history and lifestyle. Together with the scientific tests carried out in step1, they will review the symptoms and make a diagnosis as well as providing explanation for the causes of any irregularities detected to restore your bodily balances, suggest a healing and additional therapy.


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Silver Package

Start a health check-up now with a Basic health check-up
recommended for adults aged under forty

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Platinum Package

Monitor your health in more detail with a Platinum health check-up programme recommended for adults aged under forty.

This programme can detect early diabetes, cardiovascular risks, as well as lung, kidney, liver and HIV infection.

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Diamond Plus

Care for the whole body with a Diamond Plus health check-up recommended for those aged between 40-50 years.

This programme can detect early diabetes, cardiovascular risks, as well as lung, kidney, liver, thyroid function screening, STD screening and tumor markers.

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Absolute Defensive

A luxury comprehensive physical check-up programme recommended for those aged over 50.

This programme can detect early diabetes, cardiovascular risks, lung, kidney, liver, thyroid function, STD screening and includes special tests to identify endocrine system, hormone levels, common cancer screening, vitamin D insufficiency and osteoporosis.