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About Surecell

We are part of an international networks of clinics cutting edge medical network with its roots in Australia.

Our most popular treatments are Platelet Rich Plasma to treat chronic inflammation and cosmetic PRP.

In our clinic we focus on the most cutting edge natural treatments and healthy lifestyle choices that help our patients lead a happy and active life. Our Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has helped thousands of patients avoid costly and dangerous joint replacement surgery in knees and hips and our Facial PRP therapy has helped thousands more develop a younger and healthier skin without laser surgery or other invasive practices.

We have a full time clinic in Pattaya and a monthly clinic in the Bangkok Thong Lo area. Our doctors are experienced GPs who will assess your case and give you an easy to follow care plan that supports your recovery.

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What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma also known as PRP is a process where a person’s own healing cells (platelets) are used to heal injuries, cartilage, tendons, arthritis, sports injuries and even skin rejuvenation. Platelets are a component of our blood that leak out onto injured cells when a vein or artistry is ruptured. The platelets go to the injured area and start the growth factor process. PRP Injections takes advantage of this process in a simple way where a small amount of blood is taken from the patient then put in a centrifuge to extract only the platelets and plasma then photo activated with light and then injected back into the patients area of injury.